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Author: Harrison Vigersky 

The Best Automatic Litter Box for Your Stinky Cat

Do you love cats but hate the thought of cleaning out that stinky litter box everyday? Then we have good news for you. Pet manufacturers
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Best Dog Toothpaste Cover

The Best Dog Toothpaste to Keep Your K9’s K9s Clean

There was a time when pet parents never even thought of brushing their dog’s teeth and didn’t have to find the best dog toothpaste on
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My dog's nose is dry what should I do

My Dog’s Nose is Dry What Should I do?

Sometimes it is hard to know what you should do if your dog’s nose is dry.  There’s an old wives’ tale that has been circulating
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What is a cat cafe and where are the best ones?

What is a Cat Cafe and Where are the Best Ones?

If you love cats and just can’t get enough of them, or you aren’t fortunate enough to be able to pet parent one, then visit
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Everything You Need to Know About Heated Cat Beds

Cats love to be warm, whether it’s on your lap or finding that ever shifting sun patch, the feline species craves heat. But sometimes these
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The 20 Best Dog Puzzle Toys

The 20 Best Dog Puzzle Toys to Keep Your Pooch Happy and Healthy

Forget those tired old squeaky toys that your dog would destroy in one afternoon. Pet manufacturers are getting better and better at creating dog puzzle
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Unique Dog Gifts

72 Unique Dog Gifts for Any Occasion

Finding unique dog gifts can be difficult, especially when a lot of products seem pretty similar these days. You see the same old Kong toys
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Dog doing the mannequin challenge in different positions

Most Obedient Dog Ever Crushes Mannequin Challenge

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks and don’t know about the Mannequin Challenge, we’re here to help.  Something that
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Dog Waiting for Traffic Light

Law Abiding Dog Shows Why Dogs Are Better Than Humans

We’ve always suspected that dogs are smarter than humans.  Now we have proof. In a video posted to YouTube by a Russian-speaking user, we see what
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Atchoumfan from viral twitter post on whether he is a cat or dog

The Internet Needs to Know: Is it a Dog or a Cat?

Is the dress black and blue or white and gold? Does that cat really have a hole through its stomach?  Where is the hidden cell
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