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Teacup Breeds: Cute but Cautionary

Is there anything cuter than a teacup breed? Hard to say, Those itty-bitty dogs are impossible to resist. Unhappily, there are a lot of problems with such tiny dogs. Before you consider brining one home, make sure you read up on these cuties and learn all you need to know.
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Best Tiny Dog Breeds: Smallest of the Small

Many people love small dogs, but what if you like REALLY small dogs? Tiny dog breeds represent the smallest dogs out there, featuring the best of the Toy Group.
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Giant Dog Breeds: Bigger is Better with these Dogs

If you believe in the phrase, "bigger is better," even when it comes to dog breeds, then this is the post for you. These are the best of the giant dog breeds out there, appealing to everyone's love for the most massive dogs in the canine world.
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Chihuahua Lifespan: How Long Do Chihuahuas Live?

Chihuahuas rank as the smallest dog breed. They also have one of the longest lifespans. While it's great that your chi will be with you for a long time, that lengthy lifespan presents some problems you'll need to watch for.
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Best Dog Breeds for Cats to Make a Happy Home

Despite the phrase "fighting like cats and dogs," there's no reason you can't incorporate dogs into a cat household. There are just some breeds that work better than others. If you want to bring a dog into your feline household, these are the best dog breeds out there.
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Best Hairless Dog Breeds for Allergy Sensitive Dog Lovers

If you're an allergy sufferer, you might think dog ownership is out of your hands. Luckily for you, hypoallergenic dog breeds exist. If frequent trips to the groomer aren't your cup of tea, a hairless dog is just the ticket.
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best guard dog breeds

Best Guard Dog Breeds to Protect Your Family and Home

Guard dogs serve an important function - protecting property and family. Obedience training is an important component for any guard dog, regardless of breed. So what breeds make the best guard dogs?
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Pug lifespan

Pug Lifespan: What to Expect and Why

The average pug lifespan is similar to other dogs their size. However, they have a higher risk of health problems. With concerns related to being a brachycephalic breed, eye problems, neurologic diseases, and possible orthopedic problems, Pugs present a real challenge for their owners.
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truffle hunting dog

How Truffle Dogs Are Trained to Scout Buried Culinary Treasures

The Italian Truffle Dog is regarded as the truffle hunting champion, but other breeds can be trained in this sport, too.
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wrinkly pug face pug breed

Pug Breed: Everything You Need to Know About These Wrinkly Dogs

Pugs are delightful little clowns with excess personalities. They make perfect additions for anyone looking for social canines. While they do have a lot of health problems, if you're prepared, they'll charm just about anyone.
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