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10 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts for Cute Pug Pictures

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First, a confession. I have a serious weakness for pugs and cute pug pictures. So much so that I actually became a pug owner myself a few years ago after living in Brooklyn. There is something about their adorable wrinkled faces, large eyes, stout bodies, and silly expressions that opens your heart to them and just elicits an uncontrollable “Awwwwwww.”

And lucky for you, if you’re not a pug owner, you can still browse pockets of the internet (read: Instagram and Buzzfeed, coughcough) for the cute pug pictures you crave. To make it easy on you, we’ve rounded up the 10 most popular pugs on Instagram that you need to start following now! Consider your daily cuteness quota met.

10. @igorpugdog


Followers: 11.1K
Story: Igor is best described as a model, actor, and therapy dog. In his free time, he works as a brand representative for DressedbyFinn.com, an e-commerce shop with cute dog clothes like the Carlisle blue shirt Igor is modeling in the above photo. Follow him for more stylish pug photos.

9. @boogiethepug


Followers: 14.8K
Story: Boogie’s a rescue pug living in NYC with his chihuahua brother Marcelo. They are often photographed wearing matching dog attire (makes it totally worth a follow!) and they both love to cuddle.

8. @roxy.thepug


Followers: 15.8k
Story: Roxy is a bit of a diva pug. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee and loves biting and chewing things, and going to the beach. Follow her for cute pug pictures and several pics of her in costume, including dressed as a pineapple, devil, bunny, and leprechaun.

7. @worldofmack


Followers: 19.5K
Story: Mack is an enthusiastic pug living in the Netherlands. He loves stinky shoes and serves as CEO of the Flat Nose Society, which sells products for other pugs like him! Follow Mack for photos of him cuddling with his owners and swimming and running outside.

6. @helmetthepug


Followers: 20.3K
Story: Born May 2015, Helmet Newton has moves like Drake and loves pizza. In fact, he even had a pizza party for this first birthday. Follow him for the best “pug thug” photos on the internet. And for several pics of Helmet longing for pizza.

5. @barry_the_puggy


Followers: 25.6K
Story: Barry’s a bad ass pug. No, but really! He’s an official member of the @badasspugclub and his photos will have you convinced he’s bad to the bone. Follow him to see his sweeter side, too. (He’s clearly a softie on the inside.)

4. @itsmoosethepug


Followers: 34.5K
Moose loves the outdoors and, from the looks of it, spends a lot of his time in NYC. Follow him for cute pug pictures of him against cool graffiti backdrops and hanging out with more of his pug friends.

3. @alphie.and.teddy.pug


Followers: 53.6K 
Story:  Alphie and Teddy are pug brothers from South Wales. Follow them for the cutest pug duo photos you’ve ever seen. They’re often pictured cozy in bed, struggling to wake up.

2. @pugloulou


Followers: 65.2K
Story: Loulou is a little lady pug living in the Netherlands. She loves Netflix, has a stuffed pet pig, and she’s a bit of a hippie at heart. Follow her for more photos and videos of her wearing flower crowns and looking super comfy in her rubber duck PJs.  She’s got some of the best cute pug pictures around

1. @george_and_teddy_pugs


Followers: 78.3K
Story: George and Teddy are from England. They love to dress alike and you’ll notice from their Instagram account that they hate being apart from one another. Follow them for cute photos of them in matching outfits.

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