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best calming dog beds

Best Calming Dog Beds for Anxious Hounds

For owners with anxious dogs, calming dogs beds provide one more piece in solving the nervous puzzle. We have the best calming dog beds on the market, with every snuggly feature your dog could ask for.
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best dog blankets

Dog Blankets for Every Season and Need

People often associate blankets with warmth - and people with dogs with thin or no hair DO keep blankets around to ensure their hounds stay toasty. But dog blankets provide so many other benefits. You may just want to keep some dog blankets on-hand for your canine, even if they have a luxurious, thick coat.
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best dog muzzles

Best Dog Muzzles for Every Safety Situation

Dogs wearing muzzles often receive a negative image. Which isn't fair. Dog muzzles are often used for the safety of the dog, not for the aggression Hollywood uses as a stereotype. If you've seen dogs walking and sporting a muzzle and wondered why, we have the answers here.
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Best Flea and Tick Prevention to Safeguard Your Dog

Fleas and ticks are enjoying a population surge. Great for them, not so great for our dogs. Flea and tick prevention is your best option for saving your dog from unwanted health problems. And we have the best flea and tick preventative options out there.
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french bulldog sleeping

Calmest Dog Breeds for Like-Minded People

Not everyone enjoys life in the fast lane. If you have a laid-back lifestyle, or you need a dog with an easy-going nature, one of these calmest dog breeds is more suited to you than a super athlete.
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keep cats out of christmas tree

Here’s How to Keep Your Cat Away from the Christmas Tree This Season

Nothing's more frustrating over the holidays than keeping cats out of Christmas trees. You lose ornaments, you lose lights, you lose pine needles, and you lose patience. If you're considering giving up on trees altogether, stop and read our tips first - it might save your holiday.
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aggressive dog breeds

These 11 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds May Surprise You

The most aggressive dog breeds have a negative reputation. Unhappily, it's not one they've earned. These breeds have their poor reputations through the results of bad owners. So before you dismiss one of these breeds from your list, take a deeper look.
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Best Cat Deterrent Sprays to Keep Kitties Out of Trouble

Misbehavior from our felines can drive us up the wall. There's no reason to put up with scratching of the couch or jumping on the counters, though. Cat deterrent sprays provide an easy way to train those bad behaviors out of our cats.
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Best Dog Bike Trailers for Pooches on the Go

When you add a dog into your fitness routine, you tend to stay on track. But dogs and bikes don't always mix safely. Unless you have a dog bike trailer. Then EVERYONE can join in on the fun!
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Outdoor Cat Houses to Keep Kitties Cozy

Not all cats are homebodies. Some enjoy jaunts outside, others spend most of their lives outside, and other, such as barn cats and ferals, prefer the outdoor life. However, the outdoors can be rough. Outdoor cat houses provide little pockets of safety and comfort for the patrolling feline.
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